Giving your bed the right bedside table it needs!


Each bedroom has a unique character which is brought out by the furniture that goes in. If you are planning to obtain an effect pertaining to any theme or if you are looking to keep it a simple and neat looking room, you can do all that by choosing the right furniture.

Nightstands- do you really need them? Though you might have answered yes, there is a never ending debate around choosing nightstands and their utility.

Why does your bedroom need a nightstand really?

  • One main reason people keep nightstands or bedside tables is to keep a bedside lamp.
  • Storage is the other main benefit. Whether you have to toss a book you are reading, place your laptop, mobile phones, or other gadgets, a bedside table would provide a neat organization space. So you would not have your smartphones, tablets, chargers and other strewn creating a clutter in the bedroom.
  • You could also use it to place decorative pieces to add to the aesthetics of the room.
  • If you are planning to add some greenery to the room, again the bedside table comes in handy. A small indoor planter placed on it, would give you a refreshing sight to wake up to.
  • The nightstand itself can be a standalone piece of decorative. You could use it to spruce up the looks of the room. If your bedroom has a particular theme, you could choose a nightstand to add a unique flair to the room.

While these are the main benefits why many people choose to buy nightstands, you might have your own reasons. So you have made up your mind to buy one. How do you pick the right one? What are the options available?

The choice of size:

This mainly depends on the purpose for which you buy your nightstand. There are smaller ones that are simply few inches above the floor and larger ones that stand tall. The size would determine the amount of storage space you get in the nightstand. If you have a lot of stuff to stash then you could go for a larger one. If you are placing your bedside lamp on the nightstand, then you might need extra storage space in the form of drawers or shelves to hold your other essentials. So plan the size accordingly. This would also help you to choose the pattern of the nightstand. When it comes to choosing the height of the nightstand, something that is tall enough to reach the level of your mattress would be ideal. This would be easier to reach. There are minimal box storage nightstands that come with single drawers. These are less expensive and they solve the basic purpose.

Buying in pairs:

Bedside tables can be bought in pairs for a more uniform look. But another interesting way to brighten the room is to choose two different vibrant colored nightstands for each side. This would instantly make your bedroom look cheerful.

Choice of materials:

Wood is definitely the most common choice when it comes to bedside tables. This is one of the most durable materials that is also pretty less expensive. You have the option to choose a stain color and material of the wood as well. You can always repaint your wooden nightstand and instantly make it look as good as new. And wooden nightstands go well with any type of bedroom furniture. This makes them easier to coordinate in any bedroom.

Are you planning to recycle?

One other popular trend is to recycle material from around the house to make a DIY nightstand. This can help you add a personal touch to the room. But it would take a lot of time and you would need all the right resources for it.

If you are looking to give your bedroom a new look, even the simplest of changes can give so much impact. This includes getting a pretty little nightstand, changing the furnishing or simply a new rug or carpet for the room or adding a new headboard! Choose a nightstand that brings out the hidden beauty of the room and add life to even the dullest looking bedroom today!


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