10 Ways to Style Your Bedside Table

Behold, the humble bedside table. Far too often a mishmashed pile of unfinished books, mobile phone chargers, budget lamps, and bulky alarm clocks, the bedside table is often an afterthought’s afterthought. Which is a pity, as it’s one of the strongest options available for decorating your bedroom.

Your bedroom is a sanctuary; a sanctum off-limits to all but yourself and chosen guests. Don’t squander the opportunity to make it uniquely yours; especially when it’s so easy to find a style that suits you. It’s not always a case of spending big; with some creativity, inspiration, and a few clever style tricks, you can transform that little table into a powerful statement, elegant centerpiece, or a stylish, fun, utilitarian extension of your personality.

Here’s some of our favorites.


  1. Minimalism

Minimalism - Bedside table

Sometimes, less is more. A clean surface, simple lamp, and a few flowers in a clear glass can make a huge statement. Keep the clutter in a drawer, or lower shelf, and let the surface area speak for you. Obviously, minimalist design is easier with more space, but it can be a really powerful exercise in establishing your space. Even in a tiny apartment, banishing clutter to somewhere else can be striking.


  1. Living Inspiration

Speaking of fresh flowers, there are few better ways to spruce up your bedside table than with some fresh-cut flowers of your choice. Not only do they add a bright splash of color to your room, but their soft petals can provide a great contrast to boxy or angular furniture. To say nothing of the pleasant aroma.

Having said that, flowers aren’t the only option available; there are all sorts of organic elements that can spruce up your room. Small houseplants are an obvious choice, but a miniature cactus can be a fun, jaunty element, and – if you’re worried about forgetting to water your plants – seashells are a nice touch.


  1. Relaxation

Bedside table relaxation

Scented candles, essential oils; setting aside some space to feature relaxation aides really highlights their importance; it’s like a personal spa, always ready for you.

This isn’t just a nifty design element; reminding yourself to stop and take a breath might be the single most important function you can work into your design. Maybe that’s aromatherapy, maybe it’s a miniature zen garden; maybe it’s a personal shrine to Sudoku puzzles.

Find your zen. And unabashedly place it front-and-center.


  1. Verticality

If there’s one constant in bedrooms, it’s that they’re rarely as big as we’d like. If real estate is at a premium, don’t shy away from something tall, and utilitarian. Using shelving not only provides you with extra storage options, but can be a fun way to set up display nooks of different sorts. Plus, with your makeshift bookshelf in place, all those novels you mean to start will serve a decorative purpose.

  1. Jewelry

Having a small display – like a dish for bracelets, or a small jewelry box – isn’t just functional, it’s a great way to add some sparkle to your bedside. If your nightstand is serving double-duty as a vanity – or more likely, your vanity is serving as a nightstand – this can be a great element to tie the two together.

  1. Symmetry

Never underestimate the power of symmetrical design elements.Match your tables, then get them matching lamps. They don’t have to – and probably shouldn’t – be identical, but you want your key symmetrical elements to really pop. Tying the whole thing together with a single piece of artwork between symmetrical elements can really make the whole concept come alive.

  1. Tables Are Whatever You Say They Are

It’s true! Using a small dresser can be a great way to get yourself extra space, as well as providing a classy touch, and dealing with space limitations. With the right creativity, milk crates, barrels, even broken guitar amplifiers have been turned into fun and functional furniture. But there’s no need to limit that to coffee tables; if you’ve got an idea, purposing items to serve as your bedside table can add a fun, playful touch to your bedroom.

Just be sure your projects are securely adapted; you don’t want your bedside table to collapse in the middle of the night.

  1. Lighting

Don’t just settle for the standard bedside lamp; spice it up! It doesn’t have to be something luxurious; using a craning “spotlight” lamp isn’t just a quirky look, it can be downright useful for late-night reading.

  1. Bohemian Chic Storage

Open bedside tables are common, but it’s easy for them to get cluttered fast. This is the perfect time to deploy that earthy wicker basket; let it sneakily conceal your clutter, while letting everyone know how hip you apparently are.

  1. Mirror Mirror

Table with mirror

Putting a tall mirror behind each of your nightstands is a clever way to add more light, and interesting aesthetics to your room. Plus, it can prove downright useful.


Make it Yours

Whatever direction you decide to go in, there’s nothing quite like carving out your own space. The bedroom is your room; claim it.

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